I was asked to talk about my quilting techniques and give a workshop to a local guild last spring. So I designed this table topper for the workshop using EQ7 (of course!). The goal was to design a project that could be completed or nearly completed in a two to three hour class. I loved the peacock feather design from EQ7 and thought it would be perfect for the 20″ x 20″ quilt. The project is a wholecloth quilt that is painted after the quilting. This was the first workshop that I ever taught and I told the students that I used EQ to design all my quilts.. I also used EQ7 to design the illustrations that I inserted throughout thej instructions (another use of EQ7!). The workshop went well and several students owned EQ7 so I sent them all the project file as well as the instructions. The pattern instructions can be downloaded free from the Craftsy website and the project file can also be downloaded free from my website, www.10westquilts.com. Thanks again for having such a great product!