Here’s one my first quilts that I designed in EQ5. I was a newbie with EQ5 in August 2002, so it was a real challenge to make the motifs and put them in the right places in the blocks. It took me a couple years to make this quilt, always thinking how I was going to do the next steps. It wanted to name itself King Arthur’s Court, but I changed it to Cleopatra’s Courtyard, and that name was soon shortened to just “Cleo’s Court”. At the time I was (and still am) fascinated with everything Titanic. A trip to the Titanic Exhibit in Cleveland and I had a picture of the actual tile that was brought up from the wreckage, which I traced in EQ5 and I designed my quilt around that. The gold fabric is Michel Miller’s Fairy Frost, and it sparkles just as I imagine Cleopatra’s gold jewelry did! I have always wanted to put fringe on a quilt, and this one was perfect for it.