The Bound for Glory© block for this quilt along with the divided sashing and pinwheel corners remind me so much of big train wheels spinning off into the night.  And that reminds me of the old Woody Guthrie song, “This Train is Bound for Glory.”  I loved that song when I was a kid (oh, so long ago) and I loved designing this quilt using EQ7!

Bound for Glory was so much fun to design using EQ7.   I wanted to re-use the divided rectangle which was featured in my quilt, Cactus Flower, and is used in Bound for Glory as the sashing, so that was the starting point.  The block just kind of grew from there to emphasize the idea of spinning.  EQ7 makes it very easy to show the design in many different color-ways, which my customers appreciate!  It also makes it easy to show the same basic quilt design in several different sizes.  The pattern for Bound for Glory is a My Perfect Quilt Size ™ (MPQS) and includes yardage, cutting, and piecing instructions for 10 different sizes, from a table topper clear up to a king-sized quilt.