March 2013 Challenge: Curved Piecing!

The files below are “Zip” files. They are zipped to compress the information inside and make it easier for us to store on the web and for you to download.

They must be unzipped to gain access to the Electric Quilt PJ6, PJ7 files inside. With Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7, you can open these compressed files automatically just by double-clicking on them.

• Put the unzipped files in their own folder.

You can open:
EQ6 projects (*.PJ6) in EQ6 or EQ7.
EQ7 projects (*.PJ7) only in EQ7.

Click on a link to download the file. This page will be not be here forever.
It will be removed May 30, 2013.

If you can download large files:
17.4 MB
If you need to download them in smaller groups:
Quilts 1-9
2.42 MB
Quilts 10-20
3.7 MB
Quilts 21-30
2.08 MB
Quilts 31-50
1.87 MB
Quilts 51-60
2.93 MB
Quilts 61-68
2.71 MB
Quilts 69-74
3.58 MB