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Getting Started

Before you start Lesson 5 make sure that you have completed Lessons 1-4. If you have not completed these previous lessons return to the Skylights Mystery Quilt lesson list and complete them all before you begin Lesson 5. Make sure, if you’re a beginner with our programs, that you have worked through the beginning Workbook lessons, especially the EasyDraw lessons, in the “EQ5 Getting Started” book or the “EQ6 User Manual” before trying these mystery lessons.Print off these instructions from your internet browser by clicking FILE > Print.

Open your Mystery Project

  1. Double-click the EQ6 (EQ5) icon on your Windows Desktop.
  2. Click the Open an Existing Project tab in the Project Helper.
  3. Choose your Mystery Project file which should be saved as mystery.PJ6 (or mystery.PJ5). When this file is selected it is highlighted.
  4. Click OK. The Sketchbook containing your Mystery Project is now showing.
  5. Click Close (x in EQ5) to close the Sketchbook.

Set up Snap Grid

  1. To create a block you must be on the Block worktable. On the menu bar, click WORKTABLE > Work on Block.
  2. To start a new block click BLOCK > New Block > EasyDraw Block on the menu bar.
  3. On the menu bar, click BLOCK > Drawing Board Setup > make sure block size is 6 x 6.
  4. Click Snap Grid (only EQ6). Beside Horizontal grid points (Horizontal Divisions in EQ5) click the arrows until the number of point is 24. Repeat this step for Vertical grid points (Vertical Divisions in EQ5) until it is also 24.
  5. (EQ6 only) To make it easier to draw precisely you will want to make sure that snapping is activated. While still in Drawing Board Setup click Snapping (under EasyDraw). Make sure there is a check in the boxes besideSnap to grid and Snap to nodes of drawing. If there is not, simply click on the box and a check will appear.
  6. To make it easy to draw the block we’ll divide it into an imaginary 6 x 6 grid.TIP: The “Courthouse Square” block can be easily drawn if we set down an underlying grid of guides to follow, dividing the block into 6 equal parts. A 24 x 24 unit grid can be divided into 6 equal parts: (24 divided by 6 = 4). For this block we must also be able to divide each of the 6 equal parts in half. (4 divided by 2 = 2 so it can be divided into two equal halves.) We’re set.
  7. Click Graph Paper.
  8. To make the graph paper appear on the Block worktable you need to:
    click the checkbox beside Show graph paper so that a check appears (EQ6 only).
    - under OPTIONS > Style, choose Graph paper lines (EQ5 only).
  9. If you would like, you can also change the color of the graph paper.
  10. Under Number of Graph Paper Divisions click the arrows beside Number of cells wide (Horizontal in EQ5) until number of cells is 6. Follow the same step for Number of cells high (Vertical in EQ5) so that it is also 6.
  11. Click OK. You will now see the block divided up by dotted lines in the color you selected. There should be five lines dividing the block from top to bottom and five lines dividing the block from side to side. These lines are used to guide you as you draw and will not show up when you click the Color tab.
  12. If you do not have rulers showing: Click VIEW > Block Rulers (Rulers in EQ5) on the top menu bar. You should now have rulers showing above and beside your block.

Draw the Courthouse Square

16. Draw a vertical line all the way down your block, following the guide at the 2 inch measurement point on your ruler. You’ll be drawing right over the guide.17. Draw a horizontal line all the way across your block, following the guide at the 2 inch measurement point on your ruler.
18. Now start the roof: from the point where your two lines cross, draw a diagonal line up to the 4 inch ruler point. (You’ll see a guide there.)19. From that roof line peak, draw a diagonal line down to meet the horizontal line in your block, to complete the roof.
20. Make the flag stripe by drawing a vertical line as shown. (Starting from the bottom of your block at the 1 inch ruler point draw a vertical line that stops at your original horizontal line.)
21. Make the chimney by drawing two vertical lines from the roof diagonal up to ruler points 5 inches and 5 1/2 inches.
22. Draw two horizontal lines across your building, at vertical ruler points 3 inches and 5 ¼ inches (not through the flag). In other words, one line will be right on the guide dividing the middle of your block. The other line will be one unit below the bottom guide.
23. Draw vertical lines to make a door at the 3 inch and 4 inch ruler points (each on a guide).
24. The vertical window lines will be at the 4 ½ inch and 5 ½ inch ruler points.
25. A horizontal line dividing the window will be at 4 inch vertical ruler point (on a guide). If you’re lost, and don’t understand the directions, just look at the picture and draw door and window lines to make your drawing look like the picture. No rights, no wrongs… your block will be an original and will be fine.
  1. Click the Add to Sketchbook button (Save in Sketchbook in EQ5).

Note: The star will be appliquéd, and we will not draw it now.

Color the Block

  1. Click the Color tab at the bottom of the screen. Your block will appear and be ready for color. (Note: If any lines disappear, it is because they are not drawn completely point to point so they do not snap to the grid. Click the EasyDraw tab, click the Edit tool, click the nodes of the “Problem lines” or redraw using the Line tool.)
  2. On the Fabrics palette click the Colors tab (Solids in EQ5). This is where you will get the solid colors for your block. Scroll through the colors until you find the colors that you need.
  3. Click the color, then click on the area of the block that needs to be this color. The example below shows where each of the colors need to be used in the block.
  4. Continue coloring your block until it is complete. When your block is complete it should look like this:

Save and Name your Block

  1. When you are done coloring your block click the Add to Sketchbook button (Save in Sketchbook in EQ5).
  2. Click the View Sketchbook button.
  3. Click the Blocks section.
  4. Click your Courthouse Square block. (For EQ5, click the arrow pointing right, beneath the block, to display the block in color).
  5. Click the Notecard button at the bottom of the Sketchbook. A blank notecard appears. Beside Name type:Courthouse Square.
  6. Click the in the top-right corner of the notecard to close it. You will notice that your block now displays its name.
  7. Click Close (x in EQ5) to close the Sketchbook. Click the Save button.
  8. Exit EQ6 (EQ5) by clicking FILE >Exit.

This block would work well for foundation piecing.

Color Hints: If you are sewing this quilt now, block by block:

  • Think of flag colors for the star and stripe area next to the building (red, white and blue if you’d like/or any other colors)
  • Think of building colors for the building, roof, chimney
  • Think of warm reds or yellows for the door or window areas
  • Note: If you are sewing this block, sew 1. Applique a star in the square of the flag (top/left corner).

Bye until next month….. another episode, another suspect, and Mystery Lesson Six