Design a quilt and color it with only two colors. Make this a basic quilt from which you can add colors or vary one color scrapbag style. Send a file containing both the two-color quilt and the scrappy multi-color quilt. DON’T USE A LOT OF FABRICS! They will make the file unmanageably large for cyber-mailing. Instead, use a variety of colors or gradations of solid colors from the color palette to show how changing colors within the quilt, especially changing a lot of colors, can make a great variation of any quilt design.

I offer two examples, with a “Before” and “After” for each. This is a great opportunity to play with a lot of color placement to make two copies of a design that start out similarly but end up very different from each other.

- Barb Vlack

Please review the Challenge Rules before you submit your project. The rules include tips on how to maintain a smaller file size, which may be especially important for this project.