I’m writing the notecard for my husband but this is his quilt design, I asked him to help me choose two quilts to send for the challenge and he asked if we could take shapes from the center of the red flowers and set them in white for contrast. So we did. This led to a good hour of EQ play with this resulting design. He used the custom set I had created but added sashing around the symmetry photos. I wish I’d thought of that!

The symmetries all have ten petals. The shapes used, clockwise from bottom right, are Ogee spike; Dresden plate; Hexagon spike; Double triangle; and Isosceles triangle.

By the way, the symmetries from the centers of the red flowers looked too dark so he went with lighter parts of the photo. He doesn’t know it but that — aiming for one goal and ending happily at another — is a trait common in designers.

Sunnyside, Washington