Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I always liked the glass blown ornaments of different colours with gold and silver sparkling decorations to trim my Christmas tree,  I tried to replicate some of these ornaments in this challenge.

I made the tree motif with the lightbulbs on it.  The lightbulbs were from the Free Holiday Project from EQ.  I made a motif from the block and then placed them on the tree motif as it was easier to join the motifs there than to place them as blocks on layer two of the quilt worktable.  I place the cranberry and popcorn garland in the same way.  I designed this motif from free clipart pictures.

The “quilt ornament” was made with a single 6 inch block layout and very wide borders.  After the motifs had been placed on layer two, I deleted the borders for a free standing tree..