Seams To Be Sew

Created November 22, 2013 for Club EQ

This is another variation with the second block created.

I don’t suppose I could get away with saying I had a dream….

But really, I did have a dream… My all time favorite design is the Log Cabin Quilt. There’s just so many fun and wonderful variations that one can do with the Log Cabin.

With this one, I took and added just a few little slants on the dark side of the block to give it a diamond effect.

My first block had more of a diamond like effect, but it was very hard to set in variations that you could really see the drama of the Log Cabin colors with, so I changed it up a bit and ended up with what I’ve placed. I love how it turned out and I may just have to make it with this diamond like effect.

My first quilt was a Log Cabin Star quilt, so perhaps my fondness of Log Cabin comes from that, but in my total history of quilting, I’ve made 26 Log Cabin quilts. No other design has created such a fantasy of playtime in my mind. It is my 2nd Log Cabin in a year for Club EQ (My first quilt admission with EQ was also a Log Cabin).