Kingston, Ontario, Canada

This wallhanging was designed by me in EQ7. The Challenge from our Guild was to use the schoolhouse (which is a logo for our Guild) and create a 20 x 30 quilt.

I chose to make it in Red and White as I have always wanted to make a redwork quilt. The embroideries are not shown as in the finished project. I used redwork embroideries depicting a little girl sewing by hand, using a sewing machine, cutting fabric, etc.— 8 different ones in all.

So the end result was a wallhanging that had piecing for the school house, embroidery for the designs, paper piecing for the blocks in the corners and of course applique in the borders, encompassing the various forms of quilting that we use.

I was extremely pleased with the result and would be happy to share a photo of the finished product.