I had tremendous fun with this challenge and half of the fun came from the research. I studied kit houses found in Sears / Roebuck catalogs of 1923. Kit houses have a fascinating history in design, crafting, and presentation. Marvel at this description: “With a forward facing gambrel gable that looks like the English gable hood seen on Henry the VIII’s hapless wives …”

The one I chose to draw for the challenge is “‘Honor Bilt (sic)’ No. 3046: ‘Already Cut’ and Fitted for $2,275.” Kit houses were loaded on railroad box cars and shipped complete with nails (brick siding was extra).

I could – and did – spend hours poring over the floor plans (even though that wasn’t part of the challenge) and imagining what life was like living in these houses in that time. Nostalgia Neighborhood!

Quilt details: drawn on both worktables of an EasyDraw + PatchDraw block with PatchDraw Motif tree, windowbox and plants.

Sunnyside, Washington