This was my original idea for the 2010 challenge issued by Barb. I thought we could apply any effect and I had a riotous fun time. Then I learned we were to restrict ourselves to photo symmetries and this quilt was shown only to family and Jim.

Our friend, Jim Martin, is very active and much valued in the Washington State Gourd Society. Society members grow, sell and decorate gourds. They have a traveling gourd, painted, carved, and/or embellished by several artists, which they sell or raffle. This quilt starts with a photo of Jim with the gourd he won a couple of years ago. (From any angle, this gourd is absolutely marvelous!)

The images, clockwise from
top right:
Original photo
Pixalate; Posterize
Distort; Radial wave
Noise; Colored balls
3D effects; Punch
Distort; Ring
Distort; Swirl

Sunnyside, Washington