I used a Jacob’s Ladder block from the EQ Libraries (where it is named Road to California) as is, but in a non-square set, to make it something new.

The set is taken from the Jack’s Chain pattern, replacing the nine patch blocks with the Jacob’s Ladder blocks.

I did not manage to make all the square blocks, triangles and hexagons match up seamlessly on layer 2, but it is good enough to be usable as a design, when you remember that the blocks, setting triangles and hexagons all have sides of the same length.

I started out with a one patch hexagon quilt on layer 1, to be able to see where to put the first ring of Jacob’s Ladder blocks and triangles on layer 2.
I then placed a hexagon exactly over the center hexagon patch on layer 1.
Then I copied and pasted groups of shapes already placed.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands