This is the sort of quilt I have great fun making and designing. EQ’s ‘Set Applique Text’ tool gets a real workout. You can see such quilts on my promise page on Ami Simms’ fund-raising website.

Already sold are #2108 ‘Think’; #2109 ‘Thwim’; #5356 ‘Dawdle Not’ (Do It Now); #8768 ‘Patience’. Hanging on my waiting wall, ready to send with the next batch, is ‘Matthew 14:13-21′ (5 Loaves & 2 Fishes’).

I am still indebted to Barb Vlack for the “Mini Quilts for Alzheimer’s Research!” challenge of June/July 2006. That challenge was responsible for ‘introducing’ me to this great quilts-for-research effort to make Alzheimer’s disease a thing of the past.

I love making these quilts!

Sunnyside, Washington