This little tugboat had his picture taken while we were in Halifax this past fall AND he is one of my favorite photos from the trip!

I wanted to incorporate the edges of the Storm at Sea sashing into the edges of the  image.  To do this I imported the image into the Image wWorktable and resized it to 18 inches square.  I then selected  the Save Image to Fabric option .  To get this onto the quilt, I set a blank block on the quilt on  Layer 2 the size I wanted my picture to be.  Then it got colored with one piece of fabic, the new fabric I created with the photo.  Next I drew the Daimond in a Rectangle and Square in a Square  blocks in Patchdraw Motif.  I did NOT add the “patches that would be image fabric.  These irregular patches were set on top of the picture and snugged in to match the piecing done on Layer 1.

What a fun challenge!

Haymarket VA