New Zealand was the first country with universal suffrage.  The drive for this was led by Kate Sheppard, suffragette.  This quilt is in token of her leadership.

This quilt uses the same center as ‘Kate’s $10 Note’ and in the same colors.  The borders are from EQ’s ‘Set Auto Border’ feature with a few changes along the way.

I started with EQ’s “Berry Scroll” border and pruned the basic branches of all the twigs and seed pods (you’d need to check the original block for that to make sense or be funny).  I then copied all the applique shapes and reset them on an EasyDraw Block so that I could use the drawing arcs to create a two-color background.  The original scroll was drawn on a PatchDraw Base drawing block, which I find cumbersome and awkward.  Maybe we need a challenge on this feature so that I’d learn to love and appreciate it …?

Sunnyside, Washington