Finished August 16, 2013

Artwork by Trina Clark (for doll)

Same quilt as the light coloring, but laid out differently and color changes. I like this better of the two, but that’s because I tend to go like dark quilts versus light colored quilts.

My lesson for this month is an extension from last months Club EQ. I was pretty disappointed in the borders for that quilt. I knew there had to be a better way and really worked on learning custom layouts and borders this month.

A HUGE thank you to Fran Gonzales who teaches at Quilt University. Back in 2009, I took a class for EQ6 called Advanced Layouts. I still had those lessons and worked each one to learn how to do this technique. Of course I learned so much more, but I had this quilt in mind when I was working on those lessons. I finally get it .. thank you so much!!