We got new linoleum in the kitchen last month.  As I studied the pattern of random sized tiles, I realized that it was built like a quilt with a square consisting of nine rectangles in seven different sizes. I drew this as a block with each rectangle surrounded by ‘sashing’, including an outer sashing.  Then I created a quilt layout from the block.

I used sashing blocks ‘Facing Flying Geese’ versions 4, 6, 8, and 10.  The border block is ‘Flying Geese IV’.

Again, the challenge focus is the sashing, not the block, but we had to have something to surround with sashing so I started with the ‘Garden of Hearts’ block. Then I used the central element from that block and set it in six different variations.

I have a feeling that this layout I created will someday wind up in a wall quilt in our telephone nook.

Sunnyside, Washington