I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been using the Auto Borders feature of EQ for a long time. I’m not afraid to tweak and change those borders either.

From the center out, the borders are

[1] ‘Border 3A’

[2] ‘Double Tassel Swag’ with the tassels removed. I didn’t do it this time but I often alter the background on a swag border so that I can have the swag placed on an inner and an outer color.

[3] ‘Double In and Out Chevrons’

[4] ‘Lyle Scroll’. I flipped the direction the center scroll on each side is facing.

[5] ’8 Grid Chain’ with a different corner block. The blocks in this border were not set to be square which made the corner block that comes with this border look too busy. I substituted a 5 grid block in the corners.

The one-block center of the quilt is the Hawaiian Fleur de Lis from EQ’s library. I copied the shape and reduced its size to 95% and set that atop the original shape.

Fabrics used are Neutral Territory by Terry Atkinson & Liz Lois and Bali Handpaints by Hoffman. These fabrics read as solids but using a fabric was good for the soul.

Sunnyside, Washington