I fell in love with the picture of an antique quilt that I found on the internet some time ago, and I decided the LineBrush Challenge would be the perfect opportunity to draft this quilt in EQ7.

The quilt is a Field of Diamonds Quilt with tiny hexagons in typical 30′s fabrics and colors.

I started a new quilt with a One Patch Layout with Hexagons (V). I guessed the numbers of horizontal and vertical units at first.
Starting with coloring lines from the top left corner, I could soon see how many units to add. (EQ adds horizontal units to the right hand edge, and vertical units to the bottom edge, so take that into account, if you don’t want to start your coloring over again).

After drafting an almost exact replica, I started playing with the design a bit, and I am entering two color variations of the original antique quilt.

(The original is item Q-558 on cindysantiquequilts.com)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands