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A Peel-N-Stick Baby Shower

Posted 06-22-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Over the weekend The EQ women all gathered to celebrate another anticipated arrival… yes now I, Sarah Shriver, am pregnant… EQ baby number 7! My husband and I are expecting our baby girl named Ashtyn Elizabeth on August 3rd. The baby shower was beautiful and every corner was decorated but the highlight of the decor were the Peel-N-Stick onsies with Ashtyn’s name on them that hung above the fireplace. Yup, that’s Peel-N-Stick spelling out her name. It was so cute and what a fun use for the sticky fabric!

Alaska Quilt from JoAnn Banks

Posted 06-18-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

JoAnn sent us a quilt she made with EQ Printables and EQ. So fun! It’s a documentation of her trip to Alaska with her family. I hope it sparks some fun ideas for you all. Enjoy reading her story and thank you for sharing JoAnn This was the first (and only so far) time we had ever been to Alaska and the whole time we were there all I could think about is how I could document this wonderful and beautiful trip in a quilt.  I wanted to make blocks that would remind me of the beautiful sites. All of the blocks were created in EQ5 – that was before EQ6′s time.  The flower blocks are my interpretation of the Alaskan Fireweed and are paper pieced.  We saw these all over and they were just beautiful.  Of course I had to make a whale block, trees, fish and Mariner’s compass which were all paper pieced as

EQ6 Barn Quilt from Kathy Carlson

Posted 06-16-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Kathy Carlson recently installed her EQ6 and got to playing. She shared with us her design for a Barn Quilt that we thought was a really neat use for EQ! Kathy writes: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the system and think I may soon be addicted to playing with it.  Here is a design I worked out this week end to apply on a “Barn Quilt” for our RV port shed in the mountains of NC.  Many in our neighborhood are excited about the idea of designing quilts.The system is very user friendly.  Compliments to the creators of it and I will brag about the system to friends and family.  Keep me updated with any updates offered. Grateful quilter!” Kathy Thanks for writing Kathy!

Sindy's EQ Stuff

Posted 06-15-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We just wanted to tell you about this wonderful blog we were introduced to by Sindy. She sent us her blog link so that we could check it out and what a fun find! Her blog, Sindy’s Stuff, is filled with EQ projects and she even makes the patterns to her projects available to you! Visit her blog and then check out her FatCat Patterns site to browse all the PDF pattern downloads that you can take advantage of. To the left is one of her most recent patterns, Native Flair. Thank you so much for sharing, Sindy! Sindy will have a free “Mother Hen” project for EQ6 users in our July 2009 EQ6 Newsletter so if you don’t subscribe already, get signed up here.  

Quick Paper Piecing Tip

Posted 06-12-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

If you are drawing a block in EQ and would like to paper piece it, here’s a quick note that may help that came from an EQ user’s question this morning. When you click File > Print Foundation Pattern, you may see the message “This block has a patch with an inside corner, so it cannot be automatically numbered for paper piecing.” This means there’s some spot in the block where foundation piecing it would be impossible. If you’d still like to paper piece it, find these spots in your drawing. Then extend lines from those spots to the edge of the block, or the next section and you’ll be ready to sew!

Another In-Progress Kaleidoscope Mystery Quilt

Posted 06-11-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Can I just say, “I am sooooo EXCITED!” This mystery quilt has been a blast and I love seeing the pictures you’re sending. Pat Huston just sent in this beauty: She writes: “What a great surprise! I love it! When the project was introduced it sounded like a good opportunity to not only add to my EQ skills, but also to use up some of the batik fabrics in my stash. Andrea kept warning that the project could get busy, and I should have listened to her advice. At first attempt to lay out my pieces I kept saying “too busy, too busy”. But, playing with the pieces was great fun – just like playing with a kaleidoscope as a kid. The center block from month one did not end up in the center at all. For June I chose a block called “Shoe String” which was much quieter and

Amy Butler Softwares Review by FabTalk

Posted 06-10-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We received an email from Sarah Moon of FabTalk who told us about an Amy Butler Softwares review she had written. We were flattered and blown away by how well she knew the program. She does a great job of explaining some of the different features and advantages to using the program and so we thought we’d share the review with you Read the full review on the FabTalk blog! But here’s a little excerpt: All-in-all, Softwares is a great value, even if you just make the projects as the come on the CD. For less than $30, you get more than 20 beautiful Amy Butler patterns. However, it’s really the added features that intrigue me the most–the ability to design and plan a project with a light-weight version of Electric Quilt 6, using inspiring Amy Butler fabrics. In order to get the most out of Softwares, you would be well-served to

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