In 2009, CJ Spensley told the story of Jane Stickle at Faithful Circle Quilters Guild Meeting. Hearing the story of how Brenda Papadakis brought all the block patterns to one book was exciting to me and so I wanted very much to make this quilt. Well, 9 years later, I had the 169 blocks finished and almost assembled. For a few days I had decided that I would stop with the blocks and be done with it. I needed to enter it in our guild quilt show that September. A friend made me see that without the triangle border, it just didn’t look like a Dear Jane. That was enough to motivate me to finish all 4 sides and the 4 corners in just 6 weeks. I used one background fabric and a piece of scrap fabric from my scrap stash. There are only 2 fabrics that were duplicated, totally by accident.
Not one single block, border triangle or corner kite could have been done without Dear Jane EQ! I am so grateful for that valuable tool.