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EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

EQ Mini Friday Fun: What is EQ Mini and Why do I want it?

Posted 11-04-2016 by | Posted in: EQ Mini EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

That is the question posed to me by one of my sit and stitch friends when I told her I was going to be blogging about EQ Mini.  She was not familiar with the software and was not sure what it did.  Maybe you are in that boat, maybe you have heard of Electric Quilt or of quilt design software, but never ventured into that world.  I thought I would start at the beginning and offer my input on the EQ Mini design software.    Do you design your own quilts? Do you scribble on a piece of paper or mark up graph paper with colored pencils?  Or it is all in your head and you try to do the calculations as you go.  Do you use traditional patterns but wished you could see how your fabrics would look all stitched up before you cut into them Electric Quilt Mini

EQ Mini Friday Fun: Charming Baby Quilt

Posted 10-21-2016 by | Posted in: EQ Mini EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

Let the Friday Fun begin!  EQ Mini may be a smaller version of the full blown Electric Quilt software, but it is packed full of versatility and possibilities.  This cute baby quilt is a great example of a simple but stunning design you can make yourself.  This pattern uses a pack of 5 inch charm squares so it is easy to cut out as well.  Each EQ Mini design project I share will include skill builders to help you work with the different components of the EQ Mini Software.  This is a great beginning project for a new EQ Mini user. Charming Baby Quilt Skillset: Beginner Size: 40.5” x 40.5” Skill Builders: Working with horizontal layout Editing a 48” horizontal medallion Working with borders Inserting a border Using a block border Let’s get started designing together! Open EQ Mini.   If it asks you to take a quick tour, click Close.

EQ Mini Friday Fun: Introduction

Posted 10-07-2016 by | Posted in: EQ Mini EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

Welcome to EQ Mini Friday Fun, a blog series devoted to sharing, teaching, and informing you about the new scaled down, simpler version of EQ7 quilt design software.  This program was created for quilters who are just getting started using software for quilt design.  EQ Mini will help you create, edit, share, and print patterns and yardage for your quilt designs. My name is Lori Miller and I will be your host as we explore EQ Mini software.  A little about myself. I am a life long sewist and quilter.  My home base is Troy, Michigan where I design, stitch, and sew quilts and quilty things.   In 2012, I started a new career sewing and designing quilts and quilty gifts.  I started to submit my designs and patterns to magazines and I wanted a tool to help me more quickly document my ideas, try different color paths,  and provide color

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