“Do you know how to design in Electric Quilt with 6 inch blocks? If you do (hints), you know enough to enter an Inklingo quilt in the Love the Lines Contest!”
That excerpt is from Inklingo’s blog about a contest they are hosting. Head over to get the details on how to enter.

What is Inklingo? Inklingo prints the shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer, so there is a line to sew on and a line to cut on. Modern quilters use computers to return to our quilting roots.

  • EQ allows quilters to combine blocks in creative ways—something quilters have done for generations: innovate and create.
  • Inklingo takes us back to the olden days when quilters marked lines on fabric. It’s only since the rotary cutter that quilters have cut and sewn everything without lines.

There is so much you can do with Inklingo. But to get started. Check out the contest and get moving!