April’s prize: Judy Martin Star’s & Sets software

A winner will be chosen on May 2, 2011 9am Eastern.

Thanks for submitting your pictures to webmaster@electricquilt.com!

Don’t worry about sending a professional photograph. As long as it isn’t on too much of an angle and I can see the whole block and the image is over 400px, I can crop it for the blog.

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Block 1 Submitted by: JoAnn Korzenko

Block by JoAnn Korzenko

Block 2 Submitted by: Cathy Buel

Block by Cathy Buel

Block 3 Submitted by: Paula Miceli

Block by Paula Miceli

Block 4 Submitted by: Béatrice Marotte

Block by Béatrice Marotte

Block 5 Submitted by: Barbara Rodebush

Block by Barbara Rodebush

Block 6 Submitted by: Sharon Palmer

Block by Sharon Palmer

Block 7 Submitted by: Heather Ingram

Block by Heather Ingram

Block 8 Submitted by: Danni Warne

Block by Danni Warne

Block 9 Submitted by: Claudia Lischewski-Havnes

Block by Claudia Lischewski-Havnes

Block 10 Submitted by: Carol Baldry

Block by Carol Baldry

Block 11 Submitted by: Mary Markworth

Block by Mary Markworth

Block 12 Submitted by: Vicki Cranfield

Block by Vicki Cranfield

Block 13 Submitted by: Sharon Rich

Block by Sharon Rich

Block 14 Submitted by: Diana Italiano

Block by Diana Italiano

Block 15 Submitted by: Judy Best
Block by Judy Best

Block 16 Submitted by: Caren Zimmerman
Block by Caren Zimmerman

Block 17 Submitted by: Josephine Cutair
Block by Josephine Cutair

Block 18 Submitted by: Elaine Stone-Arthur
Block by Elaine Stone-Arthur

Block 19 Submitted by: Linda Erickson
Block by Linda Erickson

Block 20 Submitted by: Susan Polan
Block by Susan Polan

Block 21 Submitted by: Lynne Chambliss
Block by Lynne Chambliss

Block 22 Submitted by: Joan Lucchese
Block by Joan Lucchese

Block 23 Submitted by: Beth Stoneberger
Block by Beth Stoneberger

Block 24 Submitted by: Susan Gardner
Block by Susan Gardner

Block 25 Submitted by: Sandy Rodgers
Block by Sandy Rodgers

Block 26 Submitted by: Beth Brandt

Block by Beth Brandt

Block 27 Submitted by: Mona Beck

Block by Mona Beck

Block 28 Submitted by: Anita Grossman Solomon

Block by Anita Grossman Solomon

Block 29 Submitted by: Joanne a.k.a. Threadhead

Block by Joanne a.k.a. Threadhead

Block 30 Submitted by: Margaret Henderson

Block by Margaret Henderson

Block 31 Submitted by: Peg Larson

Block by Peg Larson

Block 32 Submitted by: Sharon Simmons

Block by Sharon Simmons

Block 33 Submitted by: Kay Ahr

Block by Kay Ahr

Block 34 Submitted by: Andree Bergeron

Block by Andree Bergeron

Block 35 Submitted by: Sandra Canino Rocher

Block by Sandra Canino Rocher

Block 36 Submitted by: Rebecca Belsaas

Block by Rebecca Belsaas

Block 37 Submitted by: Janet Quam

Block by Janet Quam

Block 38 Submitted by: Ethel Mecklem

Block by Ethel Mecklem

Block 39 Submitted by: Karin Scanlon

Block by Karin Scanlon

Block 40 Submitted by: Gerie Lammers

Block by Gerie Lammers

Block 41 Submitted by: Shirley Seo
Block by Shirley Seo

Block 42 Submitted by: Karen Palmer
Block by Karen Palmer

Block 43 Submitted by: Suann Cole
Block by Suann Cole

Block 44 Submitted by: Nancy Anderson
Block by Nancy Anderson

Block 45 Submitted by: Marlene Oddie
Block by Marlene Oddie

Block 46 Submitted by: Sherry Trexler
Block by Sherry Trexler

Block 47 Submitted by: Laila Mogensen
Block by Laila Mogensen

Block 48 Submitted by: Mary Cain
Block by Mary Cain

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Thanks for submitting your pictures to webmaster@electricquilt.com! Remember to submit your block photo before the end of April.