The Electric Quilt Company is 30!

The Electric Quilt Company’s Story – How It All Began

We’re celebrating 30 years! Since the pearl is the traditional symbol for 30 years, we’re sharing EQ Pearls of Wisdom from our friends! See all Pearls of Wisdom posts. We hope you enjoy the tips and tricks you learn along the way and discover some new quilters or catch up with your favorites! Also, we’d love to hear about YOUR journey with EQ so feel free to tell us your story in the comments on any post! A big THANK YOU to all our customers for your support over the years. We’re looking forward to many more!  :-D

This week’s featured friend: Yvonne Menear!

Tell us a bit about yourself Yvonne!

I am a quilter and machine embroiderer. I have been using software to help me with my designing for both quilts and embroidery designs for many years. I love to combine these two options together.  My software programs help me to do both.  I teach software and hands-on classes to students throughout the USA and Canada in person, and I write blogs that are sent out internationally. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting people around the world ‘virtually’.

I would like to personally thank the entire EQ company and all the staff for the support they give continually. I am so happy to have met and worked with Dean and Penny and their amazing EQ products.

When did you start using Electric Quilt and how has it changed your quilting life?

I started using and teaching EQ when it was still on Version 4. I then really stepped up my teaching with the EQ7 add-on of EQStitch. This is when I began writing more. I started doing blogs and published a book about how to use the EQStitch program. I have also co-authored another book on designing with EQ8. By using the EQ8 software and being involved in teaching it over the years, a whole new world opened up to me. I have learned so much about other software programs that help me produce videos on using EQ products and I am now writing constantly in blogs and online lessons. I love being able to work with students directly in consumer shows, quilt retreats, programs speaker for quilt guilds, and hands-on EQ classes that I have designed myself. It has been a real challenge and a blessing to be able to do all this. The support of the EQ company has been phenomenal over the years!

Quilt designed by Yvonne in EQ

What is your EQ “Pearl of Wisdom” for EQ users?

I absolutely love this company and its never-ending dedication to improving the EQ product with each new add-on program and with the new easier to use program advances. It is hard for me to choose a single feature that I like best. I have tons of fun using the StarMaker and the PosieMaker tools in the program to add a quick and easy applique designs to the blocks I draw. I often use the same applique images and export them to use again in my machine embroidery software program. I could get lost in time while designing different blocks and layouts in the EQ program. I love to see my students get lost in the designing process when I have the ability to teach hands-on classes. This program is really addictive!

What are you up to now and what do you have coming up?

I am continuing to write blogs for the EQ company and write expanded lessons with accompanying videos when requested. I am teaching some limited hands-on classes (due to Covid 19 restrictions). I am creating videos for various groups and using Zoom a lot to help out students with their learning of the EQ programs. My newest adventure is writing patterns for Dragonfly Quilting & Gifts in British Columbia, Canada that sells fabrics and patterns throughout North America. It is fun using the fabrics they are launching and designing quilt patterns to support their new fabric lines. I also am teaching EQ8 hands-on classes for this same company and showing the students how to use the fabrics that are available now for purchase with their own designs. This promotes the sales of fabrics for the company and also promotes me as an educator for EQ products. Win-win scenario!


Yvonne’s giveaway is a free project for EQ!

Download the project here!

Applecore by Yvonne for EQ

Hope you enjoyed this “pearl” of wisdom. Feel free to share your EQ story or a “pearl” of your own in the comments! Stay tuned for our next post!

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