It’s time for Block 8 in the BlockBase+ Sew Along! We’ve made it to the last block post. Thanks to all who have sewed along with me the last few months! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the new BlockBase+ software through this sew along.

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The features we go over in this lesson are included in the BlockBase+ update. This is a free update for BB+ owners to add some new features and fix a few bugs. If you have not updated to the newest version of BB+ yet, please visit the Updates page and follow the directions to download and install.

  1. Double-click the BlockBase+ icon to open the software (close the Getting Started window, if you still see it when you open BB+).
  2. We’ll be working with block 3222 from the 18 Three Patch Patterns > 01 Horizontal/Vertical Division section. Find the block however you’d like!
  3. The two new feature updates we’ll use in the lesson are based on the Favorites blocks, so we’re switching up the order of operations here a bit. With block 3222 selected in the Block Viewer, click Add to Favorites in the Block Toolbar.
  4. Click the Favorites button at the top of the Navigation Panel.
  5. With this update, you’ll see there are some new options available in the panel on the left. Click the Print Favorites button in the panel.
  6. In the Print Favorites window, you can see the available options. Next to Order, select Favorites. This will print the blocks in the order in which we added them to the Favorites section, so Block 1 of the Sew Along will appear first, and so.
  7. Because I made all the blocks at the default size, I’m leaving Print default block size checked. If you’ve made the blocks at different sizes, you may want to uncheck this box.
  8. Click the Preview button.
  9. On the print preview screen, you’ll see what the Favorites printout looks like. At the Large Thumbnail size, all of our sew along blocks fit nicely on one page. If you’d like to print the Favorites, click the Print button. If you don’t want to print right now, click the Close button.
  10. After printing or closing, click the Close button in the Print Favorites window.

The next steps are only applicable to those who also own EQ8. If you don’t own EQ8, you can skip to step 20. If you’d like to learn more about Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8), click here.

  1. In the panel on the left, click the Export for EQ button.
  2. You’ll see a window that confirms that your favorites have been exported. If you’d like, you can click the link in this window to view the support article for the new exporting for EQ feature.
  3. Click the Close button.
  4. Now let’s find those exported blocks in EQ8. Open your EQ8 software.
  5. On the top menu bar in EQ8, click Libraries > Block Library.
  6. In the Block Library window, use the vertical scrollbar to find the BlockBase Plus listing. Click the plus sign (+) next to BlockBase Plus so you can expand the listings below.
    Note: You need to have the newest version of EQ8 installed to link the BB+ blocks to your Block Library. If you don’t see BlockBase Plus listed, visit the Linking BlockBase+ to EQ8 support page for more info.
  7. Keep scrolling until you reach the end of the BlockBase Plus listings. Click on BlockBase Plus Favorites, then click on My Favorites 1 and you’ll see the eight sew along blocks.
  8. If you wanted to use any of the Favorites blocks in a quilt design, you can add them to the Sketchbook, just like you would any other blocks in the library.
  9. Click Close to the close the Block Library window. Then close EQ8 and return to the BlockBase+ window.
  10. In the Block Viewer, click on block 3222 to select it, then click Print in the Block Toolbar and select the type of printout you’d like to use for this block.
  11. After printing, if you’re done working in BlockBase+, you can close the program by clicking the X at the top or clicking File > Quit BlockBase+.

Notes Before You Start Sewing:

  • You can make the block any size you like. I’m making this block at the default 6″ size.
  • You can be creative in your coloring of the block. Just keep the seams/patches in the same orientation as the BB+ block.
  • For help with any of the printouts, visit our support site.
  • There will be a new post here on the blog on Friday, July 16 where you can post a photo of your sewn 3222 block.
  • The BB+ update adds another feature that we did not cover in this lesson. You can now export SVG block templates without seam allowance by entering 0.000 for the seam allowance width. To learn more about exporting SVG files, visit our support site.


Let’s get to know each other in the comments! I love reading everyone’s comments (even if I can’t respond to every comment!). Here’s the question for this post:

What was your favorite block or BB+ feature we used during the sew along?

My answer: It’s no secret that I love foundation piecing, so one of my favorite new features in BlockBase+ is the Print Foundation dialog and how easy it is to change the sections and numbers. I really like the new Quilt Layout options too!

I don’t know that I could pick a favorite block– I love them all! It was really difficult to whittle down my favorite blocks to eight for the sew along. I hope you all enjoyed the blocks we sewed together.

Block 8 Video

The steps in the video are the same as the steps listed above. So you can follow the written steps above, or watch the video lesson for Block 8.