It’s time for Block 6 in the BlockBase+ Sew Along! Thanks again to everyone who shared their blocks on Friday. If you haven’t added your block to the link up yet, you can do so at any time in the Block 5 Link Up post.

Don’t have the BlockBase+ software yet? It’s not too late to join in! Here on the blog, click Categories > Sew Alongs > BlockBase+ Sew Along 2021 to find all the posts and catch up. Find the BlockBase+ software here >

Now that we’ve made it through all the print and export options, I can finally show you my favorite new feature in BlockBase+! In this post, we’re going to take a look at the Quilt Layout option in the Block Toolbar. Let’s get started!

  1. Double-click the BlockBase+ icon to open the software (close the Getting Started window, if you still see it when you open BB+).
  2. We’ll be working with block 2734 from the 15 Maltese Cross > 03 Like Spider Web section. I’ll leave it up to you locate the block however you’d like!
  3. With block 2734 selected in the Block Viewer, click Quilt Layout in the Block Toolbar.
  4. A new window will open with the selected block displayed in a 4×4 horizontal quilt layout. This is a fantastic (and quick!) way to preview what the block will look like in a quilt design!
  5. There are seven different layouts to preview. Click the right arrow to view the other layout options.
  6. Click the X at the top of the Quilt Layout window to close it.
  7. The Quilt Layout option is too much fun to try with only one block! Let’s try it with some of the other blocks from the sew along. First, click Add to Favorites in the Block Toolbar to add block 2734 to the Favorites view.
  8. At the top of the Navigation Panel, click the Favorites button.
  9. Click on one of the other blocks from the sew along (in the illustration below, I’m using Block 3, Brackman ID 1638) and then click Quilt Layout in the Block Toolbar.

    If you’re using a block that works well with a rotary cutting chart, remember that you can change the chart to calculate for multiple blocks at once. So, for the 4×4 horizontal layout shown above, you could change the rotary cutting for block 1638 to calculate for 16 blocks at once. Visit the support site for more info on rotary cutting charts.
  10. When you are done viewing the layouts, click the X at the top of the Quilt Layout window to close it. Try the Quilt Layout option with a few other blocks too!
  11. Click on block 2734 again to select it.
  12. In the Block Toolbar, click Print and choose the type of printout you’d like to use for this block. Because of all the angles in these triangle patches, you’ll find that using the foundations or templates is the best way to go for this block.
  13. After printing, if you’re done working in BlockBase+, you can close the program by clicking the X at the top or clicking File > Quit BlockBase+.
You guys are pros at BlockBase+ now, so the last few lessons are pretty short! :-D

Notes Before You Start Sewing:

  • You can make the block any size you like. I’m making this block at the default 6″ size.
  • You can be creative in your coloring of the block. Just keep the seams/patches in the same orientation as the BB+ block.
  • For help with any of the printouts, visit our support site.
  • There will be a new post here on the blog on Friday, June 18 where you can post a photo of your sewn 2734 block.


Let’s get to know each other in the comments! I love reading everyone’s comments (even if I can’t respond to every comment!). Here’s the question for this post:

If you could only sew with one kind of fabric for the rest of your life, would you choose solid colors or prints?

My answer: I love both! But if I had to choose just one to work with, I think I’d go with solids.

Block 6 Video

The steps in the video are the same as the steps listed above. So you can follow the written steps above, or watch the video lesson for Block 6.