Note: Did you hear about the latest EQ8 Update? Be sure to update your EQ8 if you plan to purchase BlockBase+ that way you can use the BlockBase+ blocks in EQ8! Read instructions carefully. (Mac users – this update also fixes macOS Big Sur issues!)

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#9 - Block-viewing Options

One of the many things that makes BlockBase+ so fun is opening it up and immediately seeing a bunch of colorful blocks! However, sometimes you may not want to see so much color, or maybe you want to see the blocks without the seam lines… well with just one click of the block-viewing options, you can instantly change how you see the blocks!

Patch Lines

Turn the block seam lines on or off with one click!


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Three Colorway Settings

View blocks as line drawings, in grayscale or color!

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Four Display Settings

Choose a display size – large, medium, small, or tiny!

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Comparing BlockBase+ to the original BlockBase

BlockBase+ is a re-release of BlockBase software. The original version was on a disk and only worked on Windows computers. The CD version is still a great program, but we’ve made lots of improvements and added 161 new blocks to this new one, plus it’s compatible with Macs! The new user interface maximizes the block view so you can see more blocks on your screen at a time, and now you can view all the blocks as line drawings if you want! We have also made it easier to view source information for each block without having to dig for it. Stay tuned to our BB+ Top Ten posts to hear more about what you can do with BlockBase+ software!

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What our beta testers are saying

“The program supports Barbara Brackman’s renowned book “Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns” doing the work of drafting all the blocks in the book, showing each block in three different colorways.” – Karen K.

“I particularly like the option of display with outline/greyscale/colour being available on the dashboard rather than a drop down menu.” – Lawrence D.

“This software is such fun! Exploring the various types/styles of blocks can become all-consuming, and paired with the new book of the same designs makes it even better.”
– Sandra F.