While at QuiltCon in February, we couldn’t help but spend our precious free time wandering through the quilt gallery and admiring all the creative designs! Dawn Golstab was one of several designers who mentioned their use of EQ7 in their quilt description so we reached out to her! If you haven’t already seen her award-winning quilt, scroll down to check it out along with several other quilts she’s designed in EQ.

EQ: Hi Dawn! Tell us a bit about yourself.
Dawn: I think I have always had a sewing machine in my life.  When I learned to sew, it was all about new outfits!  As I got older my sewing expanded to include home décor, mostly curtains & throw pillows and then pretty dresses for my daughter.  There were periods, of course, where life gets in the way and the sewing machine was neglected, but never abandoned!  About 5 years ago I got back into sewing again.  I made pj pants for everybody in the family!  Aprons and bags filled the house!  Then one day my daughter, now grown, asked me if I could make a baby quilt for one of her friends.  That was it.  I found that I really enjoyed the quilt making process and loved the result!  Quilts are a real gift of love!
When the first QuiltCon came to Austin in 2014 I caught the Modern Quilting fever.  It has given me a new perspective on sewing and inspired me to create my own designs.  I always have a sketch book handy and have filled the pages with ideas.

EQ: So you’ve only been modern quilting for 3 years and you’ve already won your first award??? Wow! Tell us a bit about the Michael Miller challenge and how you got the idea for your winning quilt.
Dawn: The Modern Quilt Guild posted the call for entries for the 2017 Michael Miller Challenge and I decided to give it a try.  I downloaded the Luxe fabric images into my EQ7 Fabric Library and started playing with designs.  I decided to go with triangles and a large scale design.  In EQ, I used the EasyDraw block tools to create the basic block design, filled my layout with the blocks, painted in the fabrics and started tumbling the blocks with the Symmetry tool.  I love the Symmetry tool!
I picked out my favorite version, rotated some of the blocks, “ANDTHENTHISHAPPENED”!  I remember saying, “Wow!  I like this!”

In EQ, I used the EasyDraw block tools to create the basic block design.

I painted in the fabrics and started tumbling the blocks with the Symmetry tool.

I picked out my favorite version, rotated some of the blocks, “ANDTHENTHISHAPPENED”!

Quilt hanging at QuiltCon East 2017

EQ: What role did EQ7 play in the making of this quilt?
Dawn: EQ7 allowed me to preview many options for my design using the actual fabric images.  If I had been doing this on paper, I may have never come up with the one that I actually used for the quilt.
Once I had my final design, I used Print/Fabric Yardage to determine how much I needed of each Luxe fabric.  I find the Fabric Yardage information to be very helpful.
I also really like that EQ7 allows me to print out my design. I use that visual guide to keep me on track as I cut and piece the quilt together.

EQ: How long have you been using EQ and what do you think of it?
Dawn: I bought EQ7 in 2014.  I knew that it had possibilities, but I recommend that all new users take some classes.  I took EQ7 classes at QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena from Christa Watson.  She passed on an incredible amount of information and really great tips for using the program.  After taking the classes I decided to spend some time using the program at least once every week!
I haven’t given up on paper and pencil, but I love what I can do with EQ7.

EQ: What would you say to people who are on the fence about buying EQ?
Dawn: I would tell anyone considering a design program that EQ7 is a great choice, but I would also tell them to sign up for some classes right away!  Any new computer program can be frustrating and no one needs more frustration in life.  With a great teacher like Christa Watson and the support of other learners in the class setting, you will pick up tricks and be creating beautiful quilts in no time!

EQ: Do you have any other favorite quilts that were designed in EQ?
Dawn: Here are some of my EQ7 designs that have become finished quilts:

AMQG CHARITY QUILT – For QuiltCon 2017

King Grace – 2016

For Grace – 2016

Red Wedding -2016

Sydney – 2016

2017 MQG Mini Swap Quilt

EQ: Beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Dawn. Where can people see more of your work?
Dawn: I am pretty active on Instagram @rockin_g_quilts and am working with my longtime friend Ginger Benoit on building our Etsy shop “Rockin’ G Quilts”.

Hope you enjoyed the Q&A! Feel free to leave comments below. :)