You can create new blocks by mixing elements from various blocks together. For example here is how you would take a flower from one block and make it the start of a new block.
Block A = the block with the flower you want to copy

Block B = the new plain block you want to paste the flower on

Block C = another block with patches you want to copy

Copy the patches from block A

  1. Start with block A on your worktable
  2. Click the Pick tool.
  3. Use Shift+click to click on each patch you want to copy from block A ( Or CTRL+ A to select them all).
  4. Click EDIT > Copy.

    Paste the patches onto block B

  5. Click BLOCK > New Block > PatchDraw Block.
  6. Click the Applique tab beneath the block.
  7. Click EDIT > Paste. Your copied patches are now on the new block.While the patches are still selected, you can drag from the center to move them.
    • Or drag a corner node to resize them.
    • Or right-click and choose Resize.
    • Or rotate the patches.
  8. Draw any new patches you would like.
  9. Click Add to Sketchbookto put the block in the Sketchbook.If you want, you can now copy patches from another block (block C) to add to block B.
  10. Click View Sketchbook, then click the Blocks section.
  11. Click to select block C.
  12. Click the Edit button. Block C is now on the worktable.
  13. Repeat steps 3 – 9, above.

    We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support.