What are ‘add-on’s’ and what will they do for us?  An add-on is an additional feature that when added to a program it will expand it’s capabilities.  This is what we have with EQStitch because it was added on to the EQ7 program.  EQStitch can not stand alone and operate.  It must be added to EQ7 to work.  There are also add-on products that can be added to the EQ7 quilt design software.  The big advantage of having an add-on program is that you can use items from the core program in the new add-on program without having to purchase new features.  We can use the blocks and images from EQ7 as the basis of a new stitched design in EQStitch.  This is a great feature for me because I can not draw.  I am really good at tracing something that is all ready there or  editing something that is all ready provided.  But, ask me to create something from scratch, especially using freehand drawing methods, and I am stopped cold.  I am not an artist!  I am a sewer who likes to create artistic items with the aid of my computer software programs and the computerized embroidery machine.  Is this true for you also?

At this time there are 4 add-on EQStitch design packs available.  I have digitized each of them to follow a theme.  You can find them at the EQ website.  These are more than just the designs.  The entire project file is a part of the package.  Because you have the project file they were created with, you will be able to edit them any way you wish.  You can resize, take apart, recolor, merge with other designs, or whatever you wish when you have the project file along with the designs ready to stitch.

I am challenging myself to create at least two new add-on stitch file packages each year for you.  I do have a few ideas about what I would like to consider producing, but I would always prefer to hear from the users what they want to have.  There is no sense in me producing things that have a very limited amount of people wanting to use them.  So, I am asking for your help.  Please respond to this blog and let me know what you would like to see next.  The sky is the limit in what we can do with our EQStitch program.  Inspiration is what I need.