The hardest thing I had to do when I first started using computer programs was to find the support I needed as a newbie.  I was surprised how little help there was out there for any of my programs. I had to search out help/lessons by myself.  My sewing store that sold me my first digitizing software told me they were a sewing machine store and not a computer store.  They had to promote and sell the software that went along with their computerized embroidery machines, but they really had no idea how to use it.  So–it was self teaching for me!  I did find a couple instructors in the world that I could attend a class by them, but it was really way over my head as I had never used a computer before, let alone understood anything to do with digitizing!  But, the more I studied the more it began to make sense.  My local store then hired me to teach their software program so they could learn!  That was 30 or more years ago.  Today we have a multitude of resources for us to help us learn our programs.  I love the EQ company for all the support they offer us with tech support and built in learning options in the EQStitch program itself.  How may ways of learning EQStitch do you utilize?

There  is the tip of the day that comes up when we open our EQStitch program.  The EQStitch tips are at the end of those suggestions.  Scroll through the tips until you reach the EQStitch tips.

Another built in feature to help with visual learning is the videos about EQStitch.  Just click on the video strip icon  to see what is available.  

On the HELP menu there are lessons built into the EQStitch program that will get you started with using the program.

There is the Dynamic Display help that will show when you choose a tool to work with if you turn it on.  Just click on the icon to have the help displayed  Click on it again to turn it off.

There are YouTube videos by both the Electric Quilt Company and by myself (Yvonne Menear) that show you how to use the program tools.  Go to YouTube and search for EQStitch.  This is great if you are a visual learner!


This is an image from a YouTube video I created with EQStitch.

Of course, there is my book that the EQ company sells as a beginner introduction to using the EQStitch program.

I have a Yahoo E-group dedicated to the EQStitch users.  You can find it at

There are also hands-on-classes sponsored by the EQ Company.  Check the EQ website to see the upcoming EQAcademy classes in Ohio and Denver.

The Houston International Quilt Festival also has hands on classes for both EQ7 and EQStitch.

Also check with your local quilt shows and quilt shops to see if any EQ classes are offered.  Some stores even have continuing EQ clubs.

So, there are many ways to learn the EQ products you have.  Be sure to check them out and see what you can discover.