Updated on 03/14/2014.

Thank you for your continued interest in our products, and especially this long-awaited EQ7 Mac release. We are trying to keep you as informed as we can with the release date and details. As with any product, we want to provide quality to our customers, therefore we will not release the product until we’re confident of its performance.

Below are details as we have them now. You can also refer to our post from early January.

When will the Mac version of EQ7 be available?

We are releasing the Mac version to our *current Windows EQ7 users* first in the form of a downloadable migration kit. Migration kits for current EQ7 owners should be available early to mid-March. The full version of EQ7 for Mac (for those who don’t currently own EQ7 for Windows) will be available April/May. It will be available for download as well as in a boxed version for shipping.

I own EQ7 for Windows. How do I purchase the migration kit?

A migration kit product will be available on our website. You will need to enter your EQ7 license ID and password on the website. The website will verify that you have a valid EQ7 license and will allow you to add the migration kit to the cart. There will be a small fee for the kit. The final price has not been set. Again, migration kits are downloadable products only. The cost of a migration kit is $24.95.

So if I purchase the migration kit, can I still use EQ7 on my PC too? My home computer is a PC, but my work computer is a Mac.

Yes. As always, your EQ7 license ID allows you to have two active computers at a time. The EQ7 license ID will work for either the PC or the Mac. You have complete control over the activations and the current computers/platforms that you have active. If you’re not familiar with the details of the activation system, you’ll find watching this video extremely helpful.

Will EQ7 work on my iPad?

EQ7 for Mac requires OS X. The iPad uses iOS which is an operating system for Apple’s portable devices. iOS is optimized for small touch screens and apps. Our full-featured quilt design software is not feasible on these smaller hand-held devices.

What operating system will EQ7 for Mac work on?

EQ7 for Mac will run on version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

Will the EQ7 companion books work with the Mac?

The EQ7 lesson books will work with the Mac version just fine. These books were written using the Windows version of the software so you’ll just have to be aware of the keystroke differences. For instance, any instruction regarding the Ctrl or Alt keys, will become Command and Option. There are a few other minor Windows/Mac differences, but nothing that would prevent you from learning the techniques that are being taught in the lessons.

I have EQStitch. Am I eligible for the migration kit to use EQ7 (without EQStitch) on my Mac?

No. EQStitch upgrades your EQ7 license to an EQStitch license. Yes, as an owner of EQStitch, you will be eligible for the migration kit to allow you to run EQ7 on your Mac.

Is there going to be a Mac version of EQStitch (with a migration kit option)? Or Mac versions of any other programs?

We hope so. But it will depend on the number of people who would actually use EQStitch on a Mac. At this time, all our efforts into EQ7 for Mac. Once it is released, we’ll be on to development of our next product!

Will the other EQ software and add-on products work with the EQ7 for Mac?

We will have complete information regarding add-on products when we release EQ7 for Mac. If you already own Windows versions of our products and you have them installed on a Windows computer, then we’ll be able to give you instructions to help you link them to EQ7 for Mac.

I have EQ5. Am I eligible for the migration kit?

No. A migration kit is only for registered owners of EQ7 (or EQ7 Upgrade). If you want a Mac version, you’ll need to purchase the full version.

I have EQ6. Am I eligible for the migration kit?

No, but you are eligible to purchase the EQ6 to EQ7 Upgrade for a Mac. You will need to enter your EQ6 license ID and password on the website. The website will verify that you have a valid EQ6 license and will allow you to add the upgrade product to the cart. This will be available in April/May. Upgrades from EQ6 to EQ7 are downloadable products only.

How will I find out about the Mac release?

We will let you know here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter and of course through our emails. Please make sure you are signed up for our email list and/or follow us on social media.