When Will the Mac Version of EQ7 Be Released?

We had hoped to be ready to release a Mac version of EQ7 in January. We are continuing to work on the program and will keep you advised as to our progress.

Downloadable Software for Purchase

Since many of the computers on the market now are being manufactured without CD/DVD drives, both PC and Mac, we knew this was something we would need to develop before we released EQ7 for Mac. We have started to incorporate the ability to download software from our website. We released our first downloadable software for purchase in December. Read more about EQ Stash Online!

Accommodating Our Existing Users

The development of the Mac version was intended for a “new” audience of quilters. But, we have a large user-base of EQ7 users who run the Windows version of EQ7 on their Macs via Parallels or some other emulation software. We wanted to develop a way to “migrate” an existing license to a new platform. We will be offering a “migration” kit for existing users on our website as our first step in the release of the Mac program. We hope to have this done by the end of January. These migration kits will be available for existing EQ7 (or EQ7 Upgrade) users only. It will be a download-only product. There will be a small fee for the kit. The final price has not been set.

The Final Step

Once we have successfully completed the migration kits for our website (hopefully in late January), we will be finalizing the details of the retail Mac version. We plan to make a downloadable version and a boxed retail version. So this means you can still purchase from your favorite quilt shop! The boxed version will come with a USB for installation. All user manuals will be downloadable from our website. We are not making any promises on the release of the full retail version other than February or later. The price will be the same as the PC version.

Other EQ Software and Add-On Products

We will have complete information regarding add-on products when we release EQ7 for Mac. If you already own Windows versions of our products and you have them installed on a Windows computer, then we’ll be able to give you instructions to help you link them to EQ7 for Mac.

For Owners of EQ5 or EQ6

If you own EQ5, there is no upgrade available. You will need to purchase the full version of EQ7, either PC or Mac.

If you own EQ6, you can upgrade to either the PC or Mac version of EQ7. This offer will only be available through our website and only as a download product. You must provide a valid EQ6 license ID and password in order to complete the purchase on our website.

We want you to experience the best possible software we can create. We thank you for your patience.