One of our users, Claire Haillot, recently emailed us about a project she started.

Claire says, “On July 6, the small town of Lac Mégantic, Québec had a major train derailment of oil. The tankers blew up and basically decimated the center of town, as well as killing 47 innocent people. It is a tragedy. The town has rallied and has had a lot of support from across the world, but it will takes years to rebuild and for the people effected, some will never get over this. 

A friend and I are organizing the collection of flags ( like the ones made for Boston after the marathon bombings) which will be displayed at Lac Mégantic in the fall to let the community know that they have the support of people around the world.

There is a link with all the details, which has directions on how to make the flags and where to send them.

We would like to receive the flags by August 24.”

I was actually just in Québec on vacation. It is a lovely place.

For Claire’s project I drew the Canadian flag, the Québec flag and the Lac Mégantic flag available here as a free EQ7 download. (This is pretty literal, your flag doesn’t have to look like any of these flags!)

Claire has also provided an EQ7 project for inspiration. You can download it here.

You can see photos of some of the flags people have made so far here.  There are some pretty adorable ones in there. Be sure to check it out.

Good luck, Claire! J’espère que votre projet est un grand succès!