One of our users, Lynda DeTray, says,“I’ve just returned from the Sauder Village Quilt Show here in Ohio and was thrilled to see that my quilt, Diamonds & Rust, won third place in the Large Wall Quilt/Machine Quilted division. I originally created the quilt in EQ7 as a finalist in the 2012 McCall’s Quilt Design Star contest. I love using EQ7 to design; it’s so versatile and allows me to manipulate different elements of the quilt until I’m satisfied with both the design and the ease with which I can piece the design. (I had written a blog post about my design process here  and check out  here for a photo of my winning quilt.

I also want to share a tip for using EQ. I’ve created a lot of designs in EQ, some that I’ve made and many that I haven’t gotten to yet. I had enough designs where it became confusing when I wanted to find a certain design I had created. Now every time I create a quilt I export a JPG of the quilt and give the file the same name as the EQ file. When I can’t find something, I just open my EQ designs directory, set the window to display medium icons, and I can look through all my designs to find the right one. If I have more than one version in an EQ file that I’ll need to find, I export each JPG with the file name and add a number to differentiate them. Hope this helps someone!

Congratulations to Lynda! It’s great to see some of the “local” talent! And thanks for the tip, too!