Bea Lee is hosting a Blog Hop! I drew some blocks to be included in the hop.

Download here.

The theme is Appliqued Animals and she also has three sub-themes which are, Summer Animals, Critters and Bugs, and Summer garden “stuff”.

Lots of other EQ users are also participating in the hop.






Be sure to check out their blogs and collect the free blocks!

You could also win some EQ software! (See the above  blogs for details.)

Another aspect of the blog hop is trying to learn tips and techniques from other users. So, here is how I drew my blocks.
First the shiba inu (Aevi) block…I searched the internet for a picture of a shiba inu. I decided on this one.
Open EQ7. Click Block > New Block > PatchDraw Motif.
Click the Tracing Image tab at the bottom.
Click the Import Image button.

Navigate to your file and click open.

Crop to desired size.

Click open.

Click to place your image.

Click the Applique tab at the bottom.

Use the Freehand tool to draw out a rough outline.

(Click on the images to see them larger.)

Use the Pick tool to adjust the lines of your drawing to get a more precise shape.

I think Add Node(s) and Convert Line to Curve are very helpful in achieving the shapes you want.

Once I was happy with the basic shape of the dog I deleted the image. Click the Tracing Image tab, right click and select Delete Image.

Then I added more personality and detail using the same tools as before plus the Oval and Polygon tools. (Both of them show more shapes when you click on the little black triangle.)

Isn’t she cute?

I drew the ferret block in a very similar way.

The Ladybug Block was a little different.

Click Block > New Block > PatchDraw Motif.

Draw a big circle using the Oval tool.

Copy and paste the circle to get another just like it.

Click the Add Node(s) tool to add nodes to both sides of the circle.

Click on a node then the Break Curve button.

Click the Line tool and draw a line to form the head of the ladybug.

Click to the Color tab at the bottom the make sure your shape is joined correctly. (If not click back to the Applique tab and click the Zoom In  tool. Use the Shape tool to join the lines.) Click back to the Applique tab.

Delete the “C” part of what used to be the second circle.

Click the Pick tool and move the “head” into place. Use the Shape tool to adjust the lines slightly, if needed.

Click the Line  tool and draw a line in the middle of the body.

Click the Oval tool and draw a small circle the will be one of the ladybug’s spot. Copy and paste the spot all over the ladybug’s wings.

Some of the spots are hanging over the edge.

Click Zoom In and zoom in to one of the edge spots.

Select the spot and click Add Node(s).

Add multiple nodes on both sides of the circle.

Click on a node and click Break Curve.

Delete the small top half of the spot.

Click the Line tool and connect one side of the “C” shape to the other.

Click the Convert line to curve button.

Click the Shape  tool. Use the handles to edit the spot.

Repeat for all the edge spots.

Click the Oval tool and draw two circles for the ladybug’s eyes.

Click the Brush Stroke tool to draw a mouth. You will probably have to change the Brush Stroke’s settings.

And there you have your ladybug!

I hope you enjoy the Blog Hop. Thanks to Bea Lee for hosting!

Carol Steely from Funthreads blog hop lessons are posted on Check it out!