Karen K. Stone More Quilts installs right into your Electric Quilt 7 software. Instantly add 11 whimsical quilts and 1,675 fabrics to your library. You’ll also get a complete help section and Karen’s original sewing instructions. Print the patterns as Karen designed them and start sewing. Or make each quilt your own by changing fabrics in EQ7. Design. Print. Sew. Print rotary cutting, foundation patterns, templates, yardage estimates, and color pictures of the blocks and quilts. Plus, sewing instructions for every quilt!

Karen K. Stone, MORE Quilts requires EQ7 software.

Quilt patterns included on this CD:
• Indigo A-Go-Go
• New York Beauty
• U.L.S.2
• McCommas Beauty
• Enticement
• Spinning Stars
• Summer Stars
• Vicious Circles
• Delirious
• Untitled

BONUS QUILT: Karen shares a never before published, Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues.

Karen K. Stone is known world-wide for her stunning award-winning quilts. Perhaps her best-loved design is the dazzling New York Beauty, included on this CD along with 10 other popular Karen K. Stone patterns. Karen began quiltmaking in 1986,

teaching in 1990, and publishing her designs in 1993. Her quilts have won numerous awards, including first prizes in international competitions. Her Indian Orange Peel (included in the 2004, Karen K. Stone Quilts CD-ROM*) received the People’s Choice Award at Quilt National ’95. In 2009 her Clam Session quilt was awarded “Master of Innovative Artistry” at the 2009 International Quilt Festival. Her mastery of color and design inspired a pattern book, Karen K. Stone Quilts, published by The Electric Quilt Company.

Karen is as vibrant and interesting as her quilt designs and we guarantee you’ll experience a sense of pride and joy as you complete each quilt.

Order Karen K. Stone, MORE Quilts online at www.ElectricQuilt.com.

More From Karen
Karen K. Stone MORE Quilts is the second edition of quilts by Karen K. Stone. Find more quilts by Karen in her book of patterns, Karen K. Stone Quilts and the companion CD-ROM of EQ projects called *Karen K. Stone Quilts CD from The Electric Quilt Company.

Order Karen K. Stone, MORE Quilts online at www.ElectricQuilt.com.