Designer, Teacher and Quiltmaker and owner of Quilted Escapes®

Susan J. Jensen is the British Columbia designer of Quilted Escapes. Susan’s patterns  combines a variety of techniques from beading, stitchery, wool appliqué and foundation paper piecing that gives a romantic feel to her quilt designs.

She designs for Northcott Fabric, and RJR (Trend-tex) and has been featured in “The Canadian Quilter” and “A Needle Pulling Thread” and now on the editorial team of the first national Canadian quilt magazine “Quilter’s Connection”.   Through her exposure at International Quilt market her patterns can be found in quilt shops from the coast to coast in Canada, United States and England.  You can find her at “A Great Notion” Quilt Shop a few days a week, if she is not in her studio, as well as travelling teaching at quilt shops, quilt guilds, retreats and consumer shows. With a wonderful sense of humour, the love of quilting, chocolate and meeting new friends, Sue will inspire you to be the creative person you truly are!

How Does Susan Use EQ?
EQ is my virtual quilt maker!  As a designer fabric companies come to me and ask for a  design using a fabric line that will be going to the market place from 6 months to a year from now.  They send pictures of the fabric which I can download into EQ program and start designing. No more pen and paper!  I can decide the size of my quilt, blocks, border and binding with a touch of a button. Once  I have decided the size, now I create my own blocks or appliqué designs and apply to the quilt.  Once that is done, I just colour the quilt with the fabrics and I’m done.  It’s simple and the possibilities are endless!   It gives me, the  templates and cutting requirements and should I decide I want to make the quilt bigger, smaller or change the borders, I can do it with just a click of a button.  The math is done in the program, any changes that you make, it automatically calculates the block size, fabric requirements to make the quilt, so I don’t have to worry about that either.
If you are not a designer you can still design your own quilts, by scanning your stash, and who doesn’t have a stash!  Then you can use the blocks that are already built into the EQ program and audition your fabric without make one cut.  It saves on time because you can see if your fabric will work together before you cut one strip or stitch one stitch!

Here are some of my quilts designed in EQ:

See this quilt in the EQ Gallery!

Visit Susan’s website and blog to learn more about her:
Website: –   My patterns are available online,  I do trunk shows and teach as well.

Blog:  Here you will find what I’m up to, find a free pattern or two!