On Monday Penny and I headed over to Cleveland to tape two segments for Quilting Arts TV. What an exciting experience!

Penny did her segment with AnnMarie of Gen X Quilters. Their segment included a design challenge in which they both started with a simple block and then edited it in EQ7 to come up with some very different—and beautiful!—results. Here they are prepping for their segment.

I went solo for my segment. I demonstrated modern quilt design using EQ7. I practiced my demo so many times I’m probably mumbling it in my sleep! Here I am with the wonderful host Pokey Bolton.

The whole Quilting Arts production team was so nice to work with! It will be several months before the episodes will be ready to air. We’ll be sure to let you know they’re available!

If you’d like to watch some of Electric Quilt’s past segments on Quilting Arts, check out our YouTube channel!