Ever wonder where all the cute Quilt Design Wizard projects, special offers downloads, and inspirational EQ Printable Fabrics projects come from? Well now you can thank EQ Graphic Designer, Heidi Kory for all those cute freebies! She can do some amazing things with EQ7 and a printable fabric sheet. She has a knack for finding alternative uses for EQ7 so we often turn to her to create the holiday projects that magically appear in your inbox.

In the coming months we will be debuting a brand new and improved EQ blog with lots to do! Heidi will be blogging and sharing all kinds of fun project ideas for EQ and EQ printable fabrics in a section call Heidi Finds. So stay tuned! But as a little introduction we thought you might enjoy hearing how Heidi got started in quilting and how she ended up here at EQ.

“I remember my mom asking me if we wanted to take a one week quilting class. Without really thinking too much about it, I said yes. The morning of the first class I got there early and I was trying to picture a final product. A knitted afghan was probably as close as I got before I walked in and saw all the fabric, then it started to click. I loved picking out all the fabrics and seeing how rotating and moving blocks could change a design so dramatically. I ended up taking the class every summer I was age eligible. My mom would always chat with the  owners of the shop the class was offered at, The Quilt Foundry. One of the owners, Margaret, mentioned that she also worked for a company that made quilting software (Electric Quilt!). Over 10 years later, after I graduated from college with a graphic design major (and a minor in fiber arts I thought I’d never use), my mom somehow remembered that mention of a quilting software company and suggested I apply there. Now I’ve been happily working here almost 10 years.”
~Heidi Kory, EQ Graphic Designer