Sew Embellished! by Cheryl Lynch is a new book with tons of cute little mixed media quilts embellished to perfection. Cheryl has used EQ Printables for a long time and even incorporates them into her techniques and designs in this book. Cheryl tell’s us more:

The focus of this book is about infusing your personality into your pieces using words, photographs and embellishments. The first half of the book details the techniques that I have used to add whimsy and heartfelt sentiments to my quilts. The other half of the book provides small projects that can be used as a jumping off point to make your quilts unique. Most of the pieces are small and can be finished in a day. You can stitch by hand or stitch by machine or use a combination of both.

If you are new to embellishing, you’ll find encouragement to take the first steps. If you have experience with embellishing, you’ll find some new techniques.

EQ Printables are my favorite ink jet printable pre-treated fabric sheets.  In Sew Embellished! there are several projects that call for digitally printing on fabric. There is a section on how to pick the best photo and how to use your computer’s word processing program to print words on fabric.  Use photos of your family and loved ones along with personal sentiments to create these small whimsical pieces.

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