Remember these women? The Missoula Electric Quilters consist of Loinda Lie, Michelle Baker, Debbie Gross, Sue Wehmeyer, Kathy Stenger, Chris Milodragovich, and Calli Baker. They get together with the goal of increasing their EQ7 skills by working on projects together. Then one day, their community called for a contest to find art to cover the large traffic boxes that were causing an eye soar. They used their EQ7 skills to design beautiful quilts that were selected as the winners! Their work is seen by everyone in the community and now across the nation.
If you open the March issue of American Quilter you will find a three page spread on their stunning EQ7 designs. They talk about their design process as a group, how they encourage and teach each other, and how their community art came to be. It’s such a fun example of what EQ7 can do beyond designing quilts.  More importantly, these woman have come together with a common goal and are succeeding.
We are proud of these women and hope to hear more from them in the future!