Our friend and EQ7 designer, Betty Dalton sent us her newest EQ7 design and accomplishment. She tells us about it below:
“As you know so well I am just learning.  Last year I took a class under Sally Collins (saltear@earthlink.net; www.sallycollins.org; 1-925-938-1708) at the Pigeon Forge Quiltfest 2011.  She is a precision expert. We made the center medallion using a traditional block (Sally provided the block pattern).  Bilaterally symmetrical fabric (Sophia) from Jinny Beyer was my choice.  Our palette was developed from our focus fabric.  The center square was created by trial and error (I used EQ).  We selected a motif from the focus fabric, cut four identical triangles then stitched them together.  She is a stickler for accuracy.  She coached us as we tried to meet her desired expectations.  When we returned home we then designed our own quilt using that block as the centerpiece. I struggled and struggled trying to come up with a quilt when suddenly I thought why not let Jinny”s beautiful striped fabric to complete my quilt.  I named it Q.E XXII Pickens Precision Piecing.  It won a blue ribbon in the Upcountry Quilter’s Quilt Show.  I learned so much from this exercise.  Electric Quilt was so instrumental in my decision making process. I kept trying triangles until I cam up with the center  block.  The mirror technique works wonderfully but EQ really let’s one see the end result clearly.”
Betty Dalton