Peel & Stick fabric can make so many projects easy, fun, and fast. But, did you know it can also be educational? Okay, I’m stretching it… but how cute are these?! Left & Right training stickers for kid’s shoes? I saw something like these online once before and thought, I could just use Peel & Stick! I simply downloaded some cute designs from I used some from Zoo Babies and some from Fish by Sindy Rodenmayer. Then I used those designs in EQ7 to add text (and some decorative landscape!). Learn how to link your Boutique collections to EQ7. It’s so easy! Once I was done I printed them onto Peel & Stick Fabric. The print layout feature in EQ7 made printing multiple stickers at one time REALLY easy so I didn’t waste my fabric sheet. Then, peel and place into the shoes! My daughter should have this figured out in no time :)