We are all loving this fall wall hanging by Darlene Gerber. She used the Pumpkin stencil from Quilting Designs Volume 3. Now she’s ready for guests to arrive for the holidays!

Darlene talks about using EQ7:

I have been using EQ7 since June of 2010.  I am not a visual person, I can’t close my eyes and see how a quilt will look.  So I use EQ7 to draft the quilt and then if possible, I upload fabrics to add the color and texture of the quilt.  I have also been pattern testing for the last year and use EQ7 to assist in fabric selection and for verifying fabric yardage requirements.  I purchased Quilting Designs Volume 3 and 6 to encourage me to quilt some of my smaller projects myself.  It’s cool how you can audition stencil patterns within EQ7.  I use EQ7 to design a variety of projects; quilts, wall hangings, pillows, totes, labels and I will be using it to design a jacket.  I even used it to audition banners for my Blog!!  I’m really glad I made the decision to purchase EQ7, I encourage other uses to think outside of the box when using the product, it just might expand your creativity, like it did for me.

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