EQ7 Sampler is a class taught by Fran Gonzales, author of our popular and sold-out book, EQ6 Simplified, and students rave about her classes. This is the first class in Fran’s popular series, and the pre-req. for taking further on-line EQ7 classes with Fran. THIS CLASS FILLS QUICKLY! Registration is now open, and class starts September 9. Check it out and consider signing up. Class description taken from Quilt U is below:

EQ7 Sampler:Build strong skills in Electric Quilt 7 as you discover what this powerful quilt design software will do for you! Fran Gonzalez will guide you as you explore the libraries, analyze and draw blocks, experiment with color tools, design quilt layouts, add appliqué and stencils to the layout, create a quilt label and generate a wide range of printouts. By the end of class, you will have an EQ7 project file packed with unique and exciting designs, plus the confidence to actively explore this amazing program on your own. Users of every level are welcome, with special emphasis on beginners. If you have already taken EQ6 Sampler, there is no need for you to take this version 7 class. There are no significant changes in the class material. This is the first class in the EQ7 series. Four Lessons.

See Supply List.
$36 Class starts September 9.

Lesson One opens on September 9; Lesson Two, September 16; Lesson Three, September 23; and Lesson Four on September 30. Once a lesson opens, it remains available until this classroom closes on October 22.