The new ClubEQ Challenge is Red and White!

ClubEQ leader, Barb Vlack, says: “Inspired by the recent very popular quilt exhibit in New York City, sponsored by the American Folk Art Museum, “Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts.” Let’s make a new collection of red and white quilts! Use only solid red and white to color the quilt. Do not reproduce a quilt from the exhibit, if you can help it. Design something new.”

Each month Barb creates a challenge. No one sees each other’s work. They only see Barb’s example quilts. During that month anyone can send in an EQ project that fits the challenge topic. We create an album of images for everyone to view. Participants of that month get each other’s project files.

So, send in a red & white quilt and get tons of red & white quilts back!

Click here for more information on ClubEQ and how to submit your project.