Have you seen the results from the ClubEQ Challenge? Wow. Talk about some color!

The challenge was to “take a photo image from the EQ7 Photo Library or an original photo and identify 9 colors from that photo to use to color a quilt design.”

The Eyedropper has this cool feature where you can pick up colors from a photo to use the solids or fabrics to color other parts of the quilt.

EQ7′s ability to manipulate photos is actually most enhanced on the new Image Worktable. Some of the ClubEQ participants took their photos and altered them using EQ7′s effects, filters, and symmetries like this:

apply effects 1 apply effects 2 apply effects 3 apply effects 4
apply filters 1 apply filters 2 apply filters 3 apply filters 4
apply symmetries 1 apply symmetries 2 apply symmetries 3 apply symmetries 4

Click here to view the challenge results.